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ASTM Distillation Appratus

Approx Price: Rs 8,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
      A batch of liquid is charged to a still fitted with some sort of heating devices. The charge is boiled slowly the vapors are withdrawn as rapidly as they form to a condenser where they are liquefied and condensate is collected in the receiver. The distillation column consist of several trays which allows the simultaneous travel of liquid down the tray and vapor up the tray, allowing mixing of the two face and there for equilibrium. The liquid mixture that is to be processed is known as the feed. The feed tray divides the column in to a top (enriching or rectification) section and bottom section. The vapor movies up the column and as it exits the top of the unit, it is cooled by a condenser. The condensed liquid is stored in a holding vessel known as reflex drum. Some of this liquid is recycled back to the top of the column and this is called vessel known as reflex drum that is removed from the system is known as the top product or distillate.

Parts of instruments : Distillation flask, cooling bath, heater, thermometer, receiving cylinder to collect distillate

Pensky Marten Flash Point Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 13,500 / Piece 
  1. "RASAYAN" make pensky marten flash point apparatus consists of oil test jet device electrical heating with energy regulator fitted with motorised F.H.P. electrical Stirrer with stand & digital indicator.
  2. This apparatus is made as per IP 34, ASTMD-93
  3. The apparatus consists of brass test cup with handle removable cup cover with spring operated rotating Shutter having piolet jet, stirrer with flexible shaft.
  4. The Assembly rests in Air Bath which is covered with Dome shape metal top. The cup is fitted with insulated handle and locking arrangement near Cup flange.
  5. The assembly is kept on round shape electric heater with temperature regulator. Suitable for operation on 220 Volts 50 cycles AC Circuits.

Basic and Semi automatic models also available .

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  • Item Code: RPMFXXAA

Drop Point of Grease Apparatus

The dropping point of a soap-thickened lubricating oil & grease is the temperature at which it passes from a semi-solid to a liquid state under specific test conditions. It is an indication of the type of thickener used, and a measure of the cohesiveness of the oil and thickener of grease. Dropping point determinations are used for identification and quality control purposes, and can be an indication of the highest temperature of utility for some applications.
RASAYAN dropping point apparatus is able to determination of dropping point of lubricating grease at maximum oil bath temperature 2880C. it consists of dropping point cup made out of heavy quality brass, oil bath which is RASAYAN made borosilicate glass beaker, immersion heater of suitable sized capacity & test tube. Motorized stirrer with rpm controller for uniform temperature in bath at extra cost.

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  • Item Code: RDPGA

Oil Extraction Apparatus & Distillation Apparatus

Distillation is a process of separating component substances from liquid mixtures through vaporization and condensation, based on different volatility (vaporization point) of components in the mixture. Distillation is a unit operation, or a physical separation process, and not a chemical reaction.
RASAYAN distillation apparatus are used for determination of distillation characteristics of petroleum products. These consist of metal or asbestos shield to support distillation flask. It also has a slot for vapor tube and a glass window is provided in front side for clear view of inside objects. In addition to this, our product also have cooling bath or condenser with M.S. black painted stand. Moreover, our range is supplied with three square asbestos boards with 38 mm, 50mm and 70mm holes. Electrically heated shield unit , SS cooling bath , stand Asbestos board, we also provide doubled Distillation Apparatus.For more details contactMonish - 8488860829Sales ManagerHoly Scientific,Vatva,Ahmedabad

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  • Item Code: RDAMM

Penetrometer Apparatus

RASAYAN penetrometer is used for penetration test on a wide variety of materials such as greases, petroleum, bitumen, tar, wax, polish, food stuff, rubber asphalts and pharmaceutical creams. A given force is applied over a given period of times and the depression is made in the sample which is measured in tenths of a millimeter and expressed as penetration. It consists of a head Support mounted on a vertical rod which can be adjusted for height. A rack and pinion and pointer assembly provides fine adjustment of needle tip to Sample and in Corporate a Slipping clutch mechanism which make reading of penetration and subsequent resetting a sample and accurate operation. The dial graduate from 0-400 in one tenth millimeter Sub Division. The Instrument is supplied with two sample containers

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  • Item Code: RPAMM

Softnning Point Apparatus

This apparatus is meant for determination of softening point of bituminous materials according to IP 58 and IS 1205. Softening point is that temp at which the specimen under test becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimension to fall a required distance under test condition.
each of 9.5mm dia. (Weighing 3.50 + 0.05gm). Two tapered brass moulds, Two ball guides, ring stand. Supplied with a heating unit designed to give temp. rise at 50C per minute as required under standard. The temperature is controlled with an energy regulator. In addition, there is an electrically operated stirrer mounted on a stand with chuck and glass rod or aluminum rod and for stirring the water in the water bath. Operation on 230 Volts. single phase, 50 Cycles, AC.

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  • Item Code: RSPAMA

Rams Bottom Carbon Residue Apparatus

Carbon residue is the amount of carbon that is made by a chemical process, such as heating up oil. It is mainly considered to be a by-product of fuel. When gasoline is burned and used by a motor vehicle engine, it produces exhaust that contains carbon monoxide. Carbon residue is what the leftover particles of a fuel product are transformed into. There are tests that can determine the amount of residue that remains after certain fuels are heated or burned. Rams bottom carbon residue test is one of the test which is used for determination of carbon residue.RASAYAN make rams bottom residue apparatus consists outer chamber made out of M.S sheet duly powder coated, aluminum casted block for super fast heating, highly efficient cerawool insulation filled between both for reduce thermal losses power consumption. Highly efficient plate heater for super fast heating which is capable to heat the block at 5500C temperature. Thermostatic controller. Microprocessor based PID temperature controlled model with PT 100 sensor with solid state relay for accurate temperature controlling with + 10C controlling accuracy. RASAYAN made coking bulb for which is design as per national & international standard at extra cost.

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  • Item Code: RRBCXAM

Oxidation Stability Tester of Grease

Oxidation Stability tester of grease as per ASTM D-942, IP-142, IS-1448 P-94, bath for three tests provision, temperature controlled by Digital Temperature controller with presetting system maintain test temperature at 100º C +/- 1-0.5º C accuracy, bomb with pressure gauge, cock, made of stainless steel to maintain 100 Psi at 100deg. C, disc holder, glass petri disc for grease sample, run by 220-230 Volt, AC.Oxidation Stability of Steam Turbine Oil by Rotating Bomb Method ( One Bath & One Bomb with Pressure gauge) as per IP – 229, ASTM D – 2272, ASTM D – 2112 & IS – 12958 – 1990, Bath consist with inner chamber made of thick wall brass sheet to hold gear with motor and bomb with gauge to rotate 100 R. P. M., Digital temperature controller with presetting control system of 0.1º C display and accuracy +/-0.5º C to maintain test temperature. Top cover made of stainless steel, motorized stirrer and heater fitted to rise temperature in the bath, run by 220 Volt, Ac

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  • Item Code: ROSTGXAA

Mechanical Grease Worker

RASAYAN make mechanical grease worker is useful for “worked penetration and “prolonged worked penetration” tests to determine consistency of lubricating greases. This unit consists of single or dual steel ASTM grease workers mounted on a sturdy base and driven by a powerful gear reduction motor. Meets ASTM specifications for stroke length and rate. Equipped with a presetting electronic counter that automatically shuts off the drive motor after any desired number of strokes up to 99,999. Steel grease workers have threaded cup and cover, and steel plunger plate with shaft and handle that connects to eccentric cam on drive unit. Accessory dial thermometer inserts in plated vent cock. Spring loaded tightening clamps hold grease workers securely on base, and steel pins in base facilitate disassembly of grease workers after testing.

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  • Item Code: RMGV1MM

Cryo Bath

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Cryo bath offered by us is constructed in double wall construction. The interior of the chamber is made of pharmaceutical approved 304 grade Stainless Steel and the exterior is made out of thick gauge Stainless Steel / Mild Steel with corrosion resistant powder coating painted, poly urethane foam insulation in between both walls of bath provide complete insulation for reduce heat loss & also make it economical design due to reduce power consumption. The chamber provides with a full top opening double wall typed PUF insulated door made of Stainless Steel. The door is fitted on the top of chamber by heavy-duty hinges and locking arrangement. Magnetic Gasket arrangements provide for reduce the heat loss on the door.

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  • Item Code: RCBXXAA
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • Port of Dispatch: bombay
  • Production Capacity: 2
  • Delivery Time: 2 week

Cleveland Cup Flash Point Apparatus

The Cleveland open-cup method is one of three main methods in chemistry for determining the flash point of a petroleum product using a Cleveland open-cup apparatus, also known as a Cleveland open-cup tester. This apparatus is used for determination of flash point and fire point of petroleum products except fuel oil with open cup flash above 80° C as per specification IP 36 and IS : 1448 (P : 69) 1969. The apparatus consists of a cup, heating plate to specific dimension, and thermometer clip and test flame attachment with swivel joint for passing over test liquid surface in the prescribed manner. Heating is controlled by means of energy regulator fitted to the apparatus. Suitable for operation on 220 Volts 50 cycles AC Circuits. Cleveland open cup regular model as per IP-36, electrically heated model with energy regulator, cup with handle, gas or oil pilot flame, thermometer clip, but without thermometer run by 220 volt, Ac NEW L‘ Shape Model of stainless steel covered heater with variable control, gas or oil pilot flame, cup/handle, thermometer clip, gas control cock, but without thermometer, run by 220 Volt Cleveland open cup flash point. ASTM D 92 (Automatic and manual), Temp. Range Ambient to 370°C, Temp. measurement PT 100 Temperature sensor, Temperature scale resolution 0.1 °C, Ignition source Gas or Electric ignition, Cooling Forced air cooling, Heating Coil heating- 880W, 220V, Ac.

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  • Item Code: ROCFXAA

Engler Viscometer

Rasayan engler viscometer is designed as per IP 212 and ASTM D 490. It is useful for determining the Viscosity of lubricating and fuel oils. This viscometer is composed of main unit & control unit. It Consists Stainless Steel Water Bath having Oil Cup with lid. The water Bath with Stirring device mounted on stand. A Thermometer clip to the Water Bath and the Oil cup lid has a thermometer Socket. The bath is fitted with suitable sized Heater. This unit can operate on 220 volts AC power supply. Digital model with PID temperature controller cum indicator also available at extra cost.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: REVXXMM

Flow Cup Viscometer

Flow cup viscometers provide kinematic viscosity data. Flow cup is made by brass or aluminum casting the orifice made of S.S The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds (s) flow time when the fluid is flowing through an orifice at a specified temperature. Thanks to the conversion equations the viscosity is calculated from the flow time to centistokes (cSt). The calibration certificates are supplied with the cups at extra cost. According to the different standard there are many types of flow cup available. The cups can be supplied with specific stand or without stand.

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  • Item Code: RFCXMM

Redwood Viscometer 1 & 2

These viscometers are designed for viscosity tests of petroleum & oil products which react as Newtonian liquids at the test temperature. They confirm to requirements of IP 70. Two adaptation of Redwood Viscometer are available. No. 1 for liquids having Redwood flow 20 seconds to 2000 seconds and No. 2 for liquids whose flow time with No. 1 exceeds 2000 seconds. The complete outfit comprises stainless steel bath having drain plug with Electrical heating arrangements which is operating at 220 Volts 50 Hz AC Mains power supply or Gas Heating arrangements with tap, silver plated oil cup with precisions stainless steel jet, ball valve, cover, thermometer clip, stirrer and suitable stand with leveling screws.

Say Bolt Viscometer

Saybolt viscometer is a device used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. The saybolt viscometer is control the heat of the fluid and the viscosity is the time takes the fluid to fill a 60cc container. RASAYAN saybolt Viscometer determines viscosity of petroleum liquids at temperatures from ambient to 240°C. PID controller maintains ±0.1°C temperature uniformity throughout operating range and provides quick temperature stabilization with protection of an over-temperature control. Set-point temperatures are displayed in °F/°C. Circulate tap water or refrigerated coolant through the built-in cooling coil for operation at near-ambient temperatures. The apparatus consists of stainless steel bath with oil cup which is centrally placed in a water bath. The bath has a lid which contains a water cooling tube, two handles with two stirring blades, thermometer socket and a straight heater. Stirring is done by turntable arrangement. A thermometer can also be inserted into the cup cover. Two jets one universal and one furol can be screwed to the cup by a handle (without strainer, withdrawal tube and glassware) The temperature is controlled by energy regulator.(extra cost) Suitable to work on 220V,50 Hz, AC single phase.

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  • Item Code: RSBXAA

Smock Point Tester

RASAYAN smock point tester is designed as per as per IP 57 & IS 1448 (P-31) & ASTM D 1322

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  • Item Code: RSMPTAA

Tar Viscometer

RASAYAN TAR viscometer is used for determining the viscosity of cut-back bitumen and road oil. The apparatus, housed in a stainless steel case or chrom plated copper sheet, consists of a tank with 10 mm or 4 mm orifice& ball lifting clip. The bath fit with a thermostat, an agitator, an immersion heater to take the water to the required temperature with energy regulator at extra cost and cooling coil for connection to the water supply. (Optional).The temperature is checked by a 0-45°C thermometer. The apparatus is supplied with metal cup cover and stopper holder. Cups to be ordered separately. This unit requires 230V, single phase AC power supply. The tar viscometer is also available for multiple test fitted with digital temperature controller cum indicator fitted with motorized stirrer with tar cup of 10mm or 4mm orifice

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  • Item Code: RTVXXAA

Able Flash Point Apparatus

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  • Item Code: RAFXXAA

Pensky Marten Flash Point Tester

Approx Price: Rs 8,200 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
This apparatus is made as per IP 34, ASTM D-93.
It is used for finding out the flash point above 70°C and below 300°C

Different models available as per requirement
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